cozy factory of dreams


2am on a Saturday night, with a cup of tea in hand behind the wheel, I crawl in traffic of busy bar district. A petite girl with a short black dress aims for my cab in the chaos. As she approached, two drunk men got in between and attempted to get in. She gave them such a stink about it that for a second replaced their drunkenness with chivalry. She said: Thats my cab! Get away! Even I felt put in place as she got in a politely greeted me and told me to take her somewhere near the airport. I noticed her bummed out face in the mirror and asked are you feeling ok? She said: I’m sad because I can’t drinks like I used to and I had to leave my friends early to go home. Despite that, she seemed much more sober than most passengers at those hours. Jenny, 24 and from chicago, has masters degree in human recourses is one of seven daughters of her parents who are still in love who she lives with. She is been working in HR in a ford automobile manufacturing plant in south side chicago and she is in charge of hiring and firing workers. Her father used to be a construction worker and after starting his own company, things began to look up. Despite that, Jenny has gone to college without financially depending on her family and her parents haven’t spoiled her all that much. I asked: don’t you get overwhelmed working in the assembly line and in such raw industrial environment? She said: No. I have a salary and have no complaints. Work is work. She then told me about the difficulty of firing workers and even though its because of their own negligence, sometimes brings her and the ones with pink slip in tears. I asked: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? She said: I don’t care about career plans. But I’d like to get married soon and have a few kids. I asked: Will you quit work to raise the kids? She laughed and said: Never. On my way back home, I returned her dreams from the void of the taxi to the warmth of the summer night.

Chicago – Summer 2014

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